October 04, 2006

Good Boy

I suppose it's typical for every mother of young children... the trial of getting them to do their homework, chores, etc. We pester, nag, plead, punish. Collin is typical. I have to nag him to do his homework, practice the piano, make his bed, clean his room. Sometimes he responds quickly, and other times.... not. And at those times when he is doing something other than the task I asked him to complete, he is usually involved in something that makes it difficult for me to ask him to stop. "Collin, please put down that encyclopedia and make your bed," sounds kind of silly. So does, "Collin, stop playing the piano and do your homework." You see, Collin likes to play the piano for fun, and reads non-fiction as entertainment. I suppose it would be a lot easier to say, "Collin, put down that Game Boy and clean your room." Fortunately, I don't have to worry about that since he doesn't own anything such thing. I hope it lasts.