December 09, 2012

2012 in Review, or "The Blog Version of the Annual Christmas Letter"

Long ago I used to include a letter with our Christmas cards.  The letter got shorter every year until I finally started making it really brief with just key words about each individual.  (The next year I noticed many of my friends did the same.)  And then I just stopped altogether, because good grief, that's what this blog is!  That's when I just started including this blog address on the Christmas card.  This year we went one step further and included a QR code to take people straight here on their smart phone (that was Jay's idea... it made us feel really cool). 

So, here is what we would have included in a Christmas letter many years ago.

The DeWitt Family Highlights

(click on each for the details)

Jack turned 8 years old.

Jack participated in his first Pinewood Derby.

Mary ran for student council.

Jack was baptized.

We saw the Harlem Globetrotters, the Phoenix Symphony, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir, and Jack played on a basketball team and Mary took a cheer-leading class.

Collin got braces on his teeth.

Mary got "published."

Jay turned the big 4-0.

Mary fainted during her school field trip.

Mary & Jack started tennis lessons, Collin started planning his Eagle project, and Jay performed a stand-up comedy routine at a fund raiser.

Collin turned 13 years old.

We celebrated our 15th Wedding Anniversary in Nauvoo, IL.

Mary rocked the MCC Musical Theatre Workshop, and Jack earned his "Wolf" rank in Cub Scouts.

Collin had a blast at two different Scout Camps and earned lots of merit badges.

Collin had surgery on his scalp and his ear.

We had a fun time at the cabin, went to San Diego for a wedding, and celebrated Mary's 11th birthday.

We had a great time at our ranch in New Mexico, and then the kids went back to school (Collin-8th grade, Mary-6th grade, Jack-3rd grade).

Jay found time to enjoy his hobbies.

Alice & Jay visited New York City.

Collin auditioned for and made the high school symphony orchestra (he plays the cello).

Collin won the Geography Bee at school.  

And during the year I lost 60 pounds.  It's changed my life!