September 30, 2012

September in Review

Jay has been busy this month.  He took a trip to St. Louis for work and enjoyed that. 

He hand painted this old found-by-the-side-of-the-road-former-bouncy-toy-horse into an amazing work of art... just to go with a western themed silent auction gift basket for a fundraiser.  He is quite the artist, and it doesn't seem to bother him that all that work will just go to some stranger and might even get thrown away.  It would drive me crazy!
Jay is a super hard worker, no matter what it is.  He is enjoying teaching Gospel Doctrine Sunday school classes at church, and his class is always packed.... he does a great job.  He is often fixing something around the house or yard.... he seems to know how to fix anything, or if he doesn't know, he figures it out... or watches a video on YouTube to learn.  :)

Now that school is back in full swing we are all busy with homework, tennis lessons, piano lessons and practice, Cub Scouts/Activity Days/Scouts, book reports, school projects, etc. 

Collin (8th grade) is in orchestra and choir this year, is enjoying his classes and teachers, and is working hard and doing well.  He is ready to quit piano lessons, but we are hanging in there for one last year.  He is getting fairly good at playing hymns, and that's our basic requirement.  He loves having Fridays off school and enjoys working on projects, and especially helping a friend film a movie.  Big project!

Mary (6th grade) is impressing her parents with her responsibility and independence, taking tennis lessons and improving a lot, and she took sewing lessons over the summer... she made several nice projects, learned the basics, and had a lot of fun.  School has been demanding this year, but she works hard and gets it all done (and gets A's), and still finds time to read (a lot), and always practices the piano. 

Jack (3rd grade) is doing well in school, loves science and social studies (he's very inquisitive and asks amazing questions!), and often has his nose in a book.  (He's loving the Percy Jackson series, and still working on Harry Potter.)  He is improving in piano and tennis.... he just needs more confidence.  He is very tender-hearted.

I feel very blessed.  I have a wonderful husband and great children. 

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