April 21, 2008

My "Charity" roses are blooming, just in time for Charity's birthday this week. My sweet peas are blooming like crazy too.
Not to mention all the other roses, jasmine, orange blossoms and various other flowers. Yes, my yard smells pretty fantastic.

April 20, 2008

Ladmo Bag

OK. Since I guess there are some people who read my blog who wonder about a Ladmo Bag, I will give you the scoop.

In the early days of "The Wallace and Ladmo Show" they would draw names of children who sent in their name and phone number, and they would get to choose a prize from the "toy wall." But this was live T.V. and it took a really long time for some of the children to decide. So, they got the idea to throw a bunch of junk from their sponsors into a paper sack and just give them that instead.

Everyday there would be 2 or 3 children from the studio audience who would receive a Ladmo Bag, chosen randomly from the seating chart. It always contained the same kind of coveted junk. Jay actually made a list of what was in his:

- Red Vines
- Cheetos
- Doritos
- Lay's potato chips
- peanut butter crackers
- Pixy Stix
- Twinkie
- Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
- Barg's Rootbeer
- Laffy Taffy rope
- Oreos
- Cheez-its
- Butterfinger
- Zinger
- signed photo of Wallace, Ladmo, and Gerald
- certificate for popcorn at Harkins Theatres
- admission to Mesa Historical Museum (where there is a "Wallace and Ladmo" exhibit)

And now you know.

April 15, 2008

Ho Ho Ha Ha Hee Hee Ha Ha.....

We had a very "entertaining" weekend. Friday night, Jay took the boys camping (Fathers-and-Sons outing), while Mary and I went to a "Family Fun Night" at the school to watch the amazing Craig Davis perform. (Way more fun than camping!) That was my 4th time seeing him perform, and I was just as blown-away as the first time. He combines comedy, magic, and juggling. He is very entertaining. For any of you who live in the area, if you ever have a chance to see him perform, take it! It's a lot of fun. My boys were so sad they missed it, but they had a great time with their dad.

Then on Saturday night Jay and I went to see The Citrus Valley Playhouse put on their "Tribute to the Wallace and Ladmo Show."* It was so much fun! And Jay won a Ladmo Bag! (Finally! He has been griping about that for years! I won one at a book signing a few years ago.) Please post a comment if you are the proud owner of a Ladmo Bag, or if you live with a nagging feeling that you will never be completely fulfilled because you never won one. (I'm truly sorry for you.)I guess you could call CVP the Arizona version of "A Prairie Home Companion"... except that it's way funnier, even if you aren't from Arizona. If you ever have the chance to see them perform, GO! I love this promo for the show. (This is for you Jen!)

* If you have never heard of "Wallace and Ladmo" then you obviously didn't live in Arizona anytime between 1954 and 1989. (Poor you!) It was the longest running children's television show in America. And it was like no other children's show. There has been nothing like it before or sinc


Jack and I visited a local dairy farm for a tour with some of his friends from preschool (and their moms). We had a great time. Jack particularly enjoyed petting this rabbit..... .... but he was very reluctant to pet the chickens... though he finally got brave and touched one. (The other kids were carrying them around!)
He petted the horse with no problem, but he was terrified of the goats.... especially feeding them out of his hand. (Didn't get a photo because I had to hold onto Jack with both hands in order to get him to do it.)

After a hayride tour of the farm....
... we had a refreshing drink of milk. Of the 12 flavors offered, Jack chose Banana, and I chose Peach. Both were delicious. I was proud of Jack for choosing something different when all the other kids were choosing chocolate. Now, I love chocolate, but why choose something that "normal" when you are offered 12 different flavors!??!Jack also got to see a Turkey lay an egg , and he learned all about milk cows. He really liked the "hay maze."