August 31, 2013

August in Review

August is back to school time.  Collin started 9th grade, and Mary is in 7th grade, so they are now at the same school again (it's 7th-12th grades). 

Jack started 4th grade at the same school but a new campus. 

Enjoying having a "real" pool in our backyard!  (Extended family volleyball game for FHE.)

We've been busy getting settled into our new home and doing a few projects, including Jay refinishing the table and chairs we got for $50 on Craigslist! 

It turned out great.... I love it!

"After" (4 more chairs not pictured)

August 01, 2013

July in Review

We spent the first part of July moving into our new home and unpacking.  We sent our children to the cabin with family to enjoy the 4th of July festivities, and Jay and stayed home to do the dirty work. 
 Mary had a great time at "Time to Blossom" with her good friend, Macy.


Collin learned a new love of mowing the lawn at our new house after Grandpa gave us his old riding lawn mower.

My parents received a mission call to England, London South Mission!

Mary got braces.

I jumped into the swimming pool to save a drowning child.... with my brand new iPhone 5 in my pocket.  Fortunately, the nice people at the Apple Store gave me a new one!  Yay!

Mary turned 12 and had a bunch of friends over for a swimming party to celebrate.

And we finished off the month with our annual trip to our family's ranch in New Mexico for a week of fun with family.... riding horses and quads, talking, eating, swinging on the porch swings, dancing, singing, laughing, doing talent shows, singing around the camp fire, and watching fireworks.  Whew!