April 25, 2007


I went to the cemetery this afternoon to deliver the promised roses. Mary and Jack sang "I Am a Child of God" for Aunt Charity, and asked me to tell them what she was like as a little girl. I was glad to comply.Charity was a little "butterball".... a real roly poly. She had a little dimple on her nose that Debbie used to say was a swimming pool for tiny fairies. She was very shy, especially around men for some reason. She liked to play with dolls, and always wanted to be a mother, which she is.

Charity was born into a family of performers so she had no choice but to join us, but she never wanted to be the center of attention. She preferred to sit back and let others shine.

When she was a little girl, people always said she looked like a little angel. Well, she is an angel. She always had a strong testimony of the gospel. She knew what was right, and she did it.

Happy Birthday Charity. I love you.


  1. we visited too and brought tulips...it was nice

  2. When I read this I suddenly missed the days of our youth. I missed the family parties and catching up on things with all my girl cousins. I am so grateful for eternal families. I miss Charity.

  3. Alice,
    I had not heard of her passing. I remember her, but as a very young girl. What a wonderful family you have.

  4. Hi Alice! I was so glad to see this post about Charity. I still think of her every day and love to go to her grave side. So great that you tell your children about her and how wonderful she was.



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