April 27, 2007

It's Friday!

Jay finally returned last night from a three-day trip to Salt Lake City for a funeral. We missed him something fierce. (I'm sure glad he doesn't have to travel for work. I would go crazy.) The kids woke up early this morning and attacked him in bed. After spending one night at home, he is leaving this afternoon for Fathers-and-Sons outing with Collin and Jack, but at least that's only one night. (Though for Jay it will seem like an eternity because he hates camping.) Mary and I are going to have a girls-night-in while the boys are away. She is very excited.
My extremely talented sister-in-law featured me on her blog today. I'm kind of embarrassed. The questions were really hard to answer!


  1. At last! At last! Your blog appears for me to read! I was just saying that the picture of you as a youth on your Friday's Face looks just like Jane to me. She should've been named Alice.

    Anyway, welcome home Jay!

  2. No wonder I love Jane. :)

  3. Me again. I love how your Dad taught you the difference between and trip and vacation. I've been thinking about that a lot. I am officially adopting that idea into my life.

  4. CJane. I should have elaborated. My dad says a trip is where you do and see lots and learn things, and a vacation is when you lay around and do nothing. My dad hates to just hang out. He likes to be busy. :) But I think both are good and necessary.

  5. I love your blog feature! Your family is beautiful!

  6. Hi!I came upon your blog through nienie. BUT, I don't recall how I stumbled onto hers!haha
    I am having some fellow bloggers of the valley over for lunch on May 19. Would you and nienie like to join us? We are really fun & friendly!heehee

    I live by the Las Sendas area -NE Mesa.You guys seem way fun and I am diggin your blogs! Let me know.
    www.lifeisnothinglikethebrochure.blogspot.com -Janae!!


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