May 07, 2007

The Craze... again

When we were first married (in 1997), I remember hearing about a new fad, Pokemon. Some of my neighbors had children who were really into it. When Collin was born, 2 years later, it was still big, and showed up on Collin's Birthday Keepsake as the latest kids craze. I continued to see and hear about Pokemon during the next year or so, but then it seemed to fizzle out as the next big fad hit the market. By the time Collin was speaking in complete sentences, it rarely heard mention of it.
Fast forward to 2007....

A couple of months ago, Collin started talking about Pokemon. I had never heard him mention it before in his life. One of his cousins gave him a couple of Pokemon cards. Then a friend at school gave him a couple more. Then another cousin gave him a few, and within a week he had a small handful of cards. Every conversation regarding getting together with a friend now ends with, "And bring your Pokemon cards."

What happened here? Did this thing spontaneously revive itself? I suppose it has been going strong all this time among the fanatics, but now it seems to be back into mainstream. Suddenly, Collin seems to eat, sleep and breathe Pokemon. How long will this last?

He turned 8 last week. His friends gave him Pokemon cards, and more Pokemon cards... plus a binder to hold and sort them. He was beside himself with glee.

Mom and Dad, on the other hand, gave him this delightful book. And yes, he was excited about it. Collin loves this kind of thing. I think he always will. Certainly longer than he will love Pokemon.


  1. Thanks for sharing - with 4 boys that looks like a MUST for us!

  2. Elliot turns 8 this month. I have so many things I want to buy him for his birthday. I know he would love that book, but I think I will wait until another occasion. Regarding Pokemon, it has been around all along. Personally, I can't stand it.


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