May 15, 2007

The Big "8"

Collin turned 8 years old last week. He was very excited about starting Cub Scouts, especially to wear the uniform. He could hardly contain himself when I told him I had gone to the scout store and purchased it while he was at school. He was trying so hard to act grown up about it, but I could tell he was about to burst. Thursday night he will attend his first Pack Meeting, and he is very excited to receive his Bobcat Award.

Collin is also very excited (and so are we) that he will be baptized soon. But not soon enough. He could have been baptized last Saturday at the Stake Baptism with a bunch of other kids, but since that would mean that neither set of grandparents would be able to attend, Collin agreed to postpone it a bit. Instead, Collin will be baptized on July 15th, in Kirtland, Ohio, where my parents are serving a mission. Collin's cousin, Brett, will also be baptized that day. It should be a very special, memorable experience.

And my kids are SO stinkin' excited about flying on an airplane that they can hardly stand it.


  1. Hi. Stopping by again...did you have any interest in joining our blogging lunch on Saturday in Mesa?I am hoping you'll reply, and not be weirded out by this :)LOL
    We are all cool friends now -from Gilbert,Queen Creek, Phx and Mesa!
    We're going to have brunch at my home.We like yours and nienie's blog!

    Your son is a q.t. My lil guy is 8 1/2 now -brown hair, big brown eyes too, makes your heart melt!
    Sooooo special to fly to your parents for the baptism -my parents were (mission Pres.)in South Africa when my (now 12)daughter was baptized in Mesa.We couldn't travel around the world to them -yikes!!

    I'll check my comments for your response, if you'll stop by my blog, okey dokey.
    My bud Amy emailed nienie, but has not heard from her. -Janae :)

  2. WOW! I can't believe that he is 8! I remember when he was born! And the email you wrote explaining how to say his name ... not colon! Congrats Collin!


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