May 10, 2007

H2O Crisis

I never buy bottled water... we drink from our trusty Reverse Osmosis tap. However, yesterday while dragging Mary and Jack on numerous errands in the heat, they were complaining of thirst, and I had failed to bring a water bottle filled from the R.O. at home. Therefore, when we were at Sam's Club, and they saw the huge packages of bottles filled with luscious water, I decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to keep some of these on hand for certain occasions. So, I loaded a 32-count case of 16 oz. bottles into my cart.

I gave each of the kids a bottle, which they had drained by the time I loaded the loot in the car. When we got home, I put the remaining 30 bottles by the garage door until I could find a place for them. That was a mistake. I thought I would put them away before I went to bed last night, but I forgot.

This morning, while I was getting ready in my bedroom, Jack (who is normally very well-behaved, and does NOT have the destructive tendencies of some 3-year-old boys) was playing quietly in the other room. I thought I heard the back door open and close a time of two, and figured he was jumping on the trampoline.

When I came back in the living room I saw the back door open, and was a little irritated since the air conditioning was running. So, I went to close the door and gasped when I saw the backyard lawn. It was covered with empty 16 oz. water bottles. I found Jack in the kitchen looking sheepish. And there was the nearly empty case of water bottles... with exactly 4 remaining. After regaining my composure (and spanking Jack's bottom) I gave him a grocery bag and told him to clean it up. He filled 2 grocery bags with 26 water bottles and lids.

I'm never buying bottles of water again. Arrrggghhh!


  1. Hee hee. What a stinker pants.

    It seems that Jack has a rather precocious personality lately.

  2. There must something about 3 yr old boys and water bottles. Yesterday I caught Josh, 3 bottles in our Costco water supply, watering the flowers!!

  3. Our 2 yr old is obsessed with water bottles now. 26 bottles? Chump change. Glad to know my kid isn't a mutant.


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