February 11, 2007

Good Guys Always Win in the End....

As the mother of a boy with an active imagine who is also very interested in the idea of "good-guys vs. bad-guys", I frequently find myself telling Collin that the good guys always win.... eventually. He is old enough now that he hears negative news stories at times, and understands them. He has a difficult time accepting that the "bad guys" sometimes get away with stuff.
Way back in November (Veteran's Day, to be exact), Jay and the kids had the day off, so we all went to the Phoenix Zoo.
The weather was perfect and we had a great time.

As we walked away from Monkey Village, something on the ground caught Jay's eye.... it was a $50 bill. He picked it up and looked around for someone who might have dropped it, but there wasn't anyone nearby. Collin saw it and was pretty excited. "Dad, can we keep it?" Jay said, "Well, it's not ours." Collin responded, "But we found it." So, Jay said, "Well, what do you think we should do with it?" Collin thought for a minute. You could tell he knew exactly the right answer, but he thought he would give it a shot anyway: "We could buy stuff with it." Jay: "Yes, we could...." Jay is patient, so he waited for Collin to make up his mind. Finally, Collin said, "But we should try to find out who it belongs to."

Together they took it to the Ranger Station where Collin said, "We found this and it's not ours." The park ranger looked at Collin and Jay like they were crazy and said, "Well, thanks. Would you like to leave your name and address? If no one claims it after 90 days then you get to have it."

Just the other day, our letter carrier arrived at our door with a registered letter for Collin. He was quite pleased.

After paying tithing, he gets to spend $10, and the rest is going in his savings account. He said, "Mom, I'm really glad I did the right thing." He learned that choosing the right pays off spiritually, and sometimes temporally too.

And now he knows that "good guys" always win in the end.


  1. Alice, it is nice that you are writing some of the cute things the kids do and say. What a treasure!

  2. Oh, Collin. He is so cute. When we were at Amazing Jake's Carol and her friend found $100. That's great that Jay was such a good example.

  3. sarah9:40 AM

    NICE! All-around nice!


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