February 16, 2007

A Little Bit of Bragging

Jay is an amazing "gift giver." He is always extremely romantic and thoughtful about what he gives, and remembers every casual mention of something that might be a suitable gift. I have to be careful what I wish for. Sometimes he gets a little extravagant. Although I love it, after a few years of marriage, I finally had to tell him to scale back a bit.

On our first Valentine's day, he gave me my first box of Godiva chocolates. Absolutely heaven. It was especially memorable because it came on the day I ended my year-long chocolate fast. (I will save that story for another day.) The tradition has continued every Valentine's Day since with no regrets.

But the chocolates are just incidental. On our second Valentine's Day, Jay brought home this buffet.I had fallen in love with it on a recent visit to a small antique/junk shop in downtown Mesa, and Jay remembered. I still love it.

The following year, he went back to that same shop and bought the matching china cabinet that I had also fallen in love with, but it was much too expensive. Jay talked the shop owner into dramatically reducing the price... after all, he knew it had been there for at least a year.
After that, I insisted that Valentine's Day gifts be limited to chocolates and flowers.

This year, Jay finally started seeing things my way.... he skipped the red roses. We both agreed it is silly to pay double one day of the year, when I would rather be surprised by them on another day at random.

Besides, Jay doesn't need to forced to be romantic on one certain day. Even though he skipped the roses, he bought me these gorgeous pajamas.

And instead of paying a fortune at an expensive restaurant, we had dinner at home. I made Jay his favorite meal....
rib eye steaks rubbed with butter, kosher salt, pepper, garlic, and herbs
red potatoes with butter and parsley
arsparagus drilled with olive oil and garlic salt
sparkling cider
.... which we ate by candlelight served on our beautiful wedding china and crystal, after the kids had gone to bed. (I love my china. It totally makes me smile every time I look at it.... which I get to do every day as it rests in it's lovely cabinet.)
Did I mention the year that Jay gave me this for Valentine's Day? (The tea pot that matches our china--Noritake, White Palace--and four cups & saucers)


  1. It's fun that you're posting more often now. I'll have to return frequently. Way to go, Jay, on giving nice gifts!

  2. Thanks for reading my blog Emily. Not many other people do, and few of them comment. Thanks for making me feel validated. :)

    We need to get together again before the Kings move!

  3. Your husband IS a gift giver. I think it's very sweet. What about that gorgeous bracelet you always wear. I believe that was Jay? Last Valentine's Day, David brought me "not roses" to my culinary arts class so all the girls could see it . . . and it was beautiful . . . and I was pleased.

  4. Yes, the bracelet is from Jay, but not for V-day... it was for my 30th birthday. (I didn't mention it because I thought that would be a little TOO MUCH bragging.) I love it and I wear it every day. He happened to overhear a conversation about jewelry that I had with Helena once where I mentioned "someday I would like a tennis bracelet." He remembers everything I say. :)


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