December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

On Christmas Eve (Tuesday) we hosted all of the DeWitt Family (Jay's parents and siblings and their families) for dinner.  Everyone helped with the food and it was all fabulous. 

Afterward we had a program with a few musical numbers by the grand kids and Jay sang and played the guitar performing his "Christmas Gifts" song. 

Then the kids did the Nativity with some audience participation (sing along) and I introduced the DeWitts to the Nielson tradition of "The Story of the Other Wiseman."  It was fun to see the children with wide eyes because they weren't familiar with the story.  I could tell they were concerned and eager to find out what would happen.  It was cute. 

Santa (Grandpa Collin) made a visit and then everyone headed home to await the real Santa Claus.

I hoped our kids would sleep in late on Christmas morning now that they are getting older, but no such luck.  We were up by 7:30.... but I guess it could have been worse.
Collin got a ukelele
Mary got mostly "Dr. Who" related gifts

It wouldn't be Christmas without a new Lego set!

After we opened gifts I made breakfast (aebelskivers with buttermilk syrup) and we enjoyed playing with gifts and looking at the family photos Grandma Wendy scanned (thousands and thousands.... what a treasure!).   Then we took the kids to see the movie "Frozen," which was cute.

Later on Christmas night we watched the "Dr. Who" Christmas special because our kid are nuts about it.  I have to admit it's pretty entertaining.  This was an important episode because a "new" doctor was introduced.  (He regenerates periodically so a new actor comes on board.  Brilliant way to extend the life of a TV show.... for 50 years!) 

Jay was back at work today so it was pretty low-key.  Mary and I went for a bike ride (the weather is gorgeous) and talked about our many blessings.  And I finally finished cleaning up the Christmas Eve/Christmas morning mess.  Maybe now I can relax?



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