December 03, 2013

Thanksgiving Weekend

Thanksgiving weekend was busy and fun but I'm notorious for forgetting to take photos.... darn it.

My brother, Peter, and his wife and kids stayed at our house... our first house guests!  It was fun to have them. 

Our Thanksgiving feast was amazing, of course, with too many pies.... I didn't think that possible, but apparently I was wrong. 

Afterward we changed gears and had our Christmas program/talent show.... at my mom's request, since they will be in England (as missionaries) for Christmas.

Friday was the Nielson Family football game at the park followed by a BBQ at our house.  We also celebrated my brother, Christian's birthday. 

That night my parents were set apart as missionaries for their departure the next morning.  It was very emotional (well, I was very emotional... I'm such a baby, but I'm really going to miss them).  But I'm super excited for them!  They will be serving as missionaries in southern England for 12 months.

On Monday night we went to pick out a Christmas tree, as is our usual tradition (for FHE on the Monday after Thanksgiving), but there were none to be found!  Sold out?  Craziness!  Bummer.  I guess we have to wait for the next shipment, but maybe at least this means we will get a super fresh one. 

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