November 23, 2013

Violinists and Cellists

Earlier this month I took Mary to see her violin teacher perform with a local symphony as the winner for a youth competition.  It was a great concert, and we got to meet her teacher's teacher, who happens to be the concert master for the Phoenix Symphony....and I happen to be a big admirer of his.  (You can see him in the background over her shoulder, wearing black.)

And last night Jay and I took Collin (our cellist) to see Zuill Bailey in a solo concert at the Mesa Arts Center.   We saw him perform with the Phoenix Symphony last year and loved him, so we couldn't resist getting tickets to his performance of the entire Bach Cello Suites... in one sitting!  It was simply amazing!  He is a fantastic performer.... talented, charming and witty... and a fabulous story-teller.  Everyone was spell bound!
This pose is because he told the story of how his left land is MUCH larger than his right.

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