January 09, 2008

Cruise News

I had a good time on my trip, but I'm SO glad to be home. I missed my family tons. I just wanted to offer my appreciate to a few people.

A hearty thank you to....

-Wendy (mother-in-law) for coming up with the idea and planning the trip, and for bringing a bag of cookies to share on the airplane.

-Collin (father-in-law) for driving 6 chatty women to the airport and getting us there on time.

-Shelly (sister-in-law) for being our tour guide around Hollywood (even though we got lost).(actually, this is Renae with me in the photo)

-"The Men With Guns" (LA county sheriff deputies) for getting us back on track and making us feel safe as we waited in the Metro station at 11:30 p.m. (though later we were chased by a bum... I mean, vagrant).(Let me tell you, it's pretty intimidating to hang out with these gorgeous women!)

-Janelle (sister-in-law) for sticking with "poor-me-with-a-bum-knee-who-can't-run" when everyone else ran off when the bum... I mean, vagrant... started chasing us.

-"The Vagrant" for being too drunk (or whatever) to be able to actually hurt us.

-The cast of "Wicked" for putting on a fantastic show.-Renae & Courtney (sisters-in-law) for being excellent, tidy cabin-mates on the ship.-The ship infirmary for dispensing medi-meclizine, which allowed me to enjoy a stormy night at sea without getting seasick.

-Shelly, for not throwing up on me when she got seasick.

-Our cabin steward, for willingly providing a large number of industrial sized plastic trash bags to serve as makeshift rain ponchos, which allowed us to traipse around Ensenada without getting TOO wet.

-The chef at the breakfast buffet for making me a delicious veggie omelet for breakfast every morning.

-Our waiter, for providing extra servings of the yummy molten chocolate cake with ice cream after we all raved about it.

-The "Gunderson Girls" (Jay's aunt Phyllis and her daughters) for their contagious laughter, funny stories, and great companionship.

-The "Brown Girls" (Courtney's mom and sisters) for teaching us to play cards and for being good sports during the name-guessing game.

-The guy at the Alltel store who helped me get a new cell phone just minutes before I left for the airport so that I could stay in touch with my family while I was away.

-And especially Jay, for taking care of the kids and house and for being such a good sport about me leaving them for a few days.

Now, it's back to real life.

January 02, 2008

Leaving on a cruise

I know I'm way behind on my blogging... I haven't even done Christmas yet, let alone New Year's. But that will have to wait because tomorrow I'm leaving on a cruise with Jay's mom and sisters. It should be fun. I'm mostly excited about going to see Wicked in LA tomorrow night!

So, today I'm busy getting ready for my trip. Whew!

January 01, 2008

Wedding Dinner Skit

I was finally able (with Jay's help) to upload the video of the skit we did for my brother's wedding dinner. See it on this post. It's about half-way down the post... click on the play button.