February 17, 2012

Student Council

Mary decided to run for student council (better known as STUCO at our school) this semester..... vice president.  She lost to a sixth grader but I'm so proud of her for working hard and being brave.  I'm sure she will try again next year.

For her speech she bravely SANG, unaccompanied, in front of the entire school... and it was amazing!  We wrote words to the song "When Will My Life Begin" from Tangled(See lyrics below.)  It turned out really cute.  People were very impressed.  She has a really lovely singing voice and did a fantastic job.

Though she didn't win she was selected as a student council representative for her classroom, so she still gets to be part of the action. 

Mary's Student Council Speech 
(sung to the tune of "When Will My Life Begin" from Tangled)

Seven a.m., the usual morning lineup:
Do my chores and pack my lunch for school
Practice the piano, eat breakfast, get my backpack
Grab my coat, head to flag ceremony, it's cool!

And then I do seat work
And math and science too
Diagram sentences, write spellings words, a few
I'll read my his'try book
And recite phonograms
And I get A's on report cards too

Then one day I decided to run for STUCO
I would really like to help our school
I will do my part to help us all grow.
I will lead, I will help, I will serve, I'll be cool!

So if you vote for me
Your choice will be the best
You won't regret it ever
Put me to the test
Because I'm Mary and I'm perfect for the job
The best vice president I will be

A perfect job, very,
For me cuz I'm Mary
Our school will be the best!

February 16, 2012

Mary's Friends

A few days before school started, Mary had all of her friends from school over for the day.  It was kind of crazy (nine 10-year-old girls!) but fun.
They brought their American Girl dolls and had a tea party.  I was very pleased that Mary graciously offered her AG dolls to those who didn't have one, and used one of her old baby dolls instead.  She is a good girl.

They also made pizzas and crafts, and just enjoyed being together.  They are a nice group of girls.  I'm glad Mary has such good friends.

February 15, 2012

Jack Turns 8

My baby turned 8 years old... yikes!  Jack is such a sweet boy and we love him a lot!

He had a fun party with some of his friends on Saturday.  I threw it together in the few days before, but it turned out really fun, and it was pretty easy.

Jack's past party themes have been Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Carnival, and Army.  For a theme this year we decided on "Every Holiday of the Year."  I don't know if this has been done before, but it was really fun.

As the boys were arriving they sat down and made Valentine's for each of their family members.... they fought over the "Star Wars" themed ones.

Then I dressed up in my leprechaun hat, put green shamrocks on each of the boys (so they wouldn't get pinched), and we played "Lucky Leprechaun Says" (Simon Says), and then ate green jello.  Meanwhile, Jay was hiding Easter eggs in the backyard.

So, of course, the Easter Egg Hunt was next (are you following this?) which the boys loved, of course.  They were quite please with the hilarious marshmallow chicks (not Peeps, but cute dressed-up chicks with faces from Dollar Tree) they found inside some of them (the rest had boring jelly beans).

After that they each got a patriotic boat hat and an American Flag and I made them sing "God Bless America" for me.  Then they got to "explode" a bunch of party poppers, which was a huge hit with this group of 8-year-old boys, naturally. 

Then I pulled out our "dress up box" and they dressed up for Halloween.  We had six stations around the backyard where they could go trick-or-treating, but we made them do "tricks" at each one before they got candy.  Most of the tricks were pretty silly (karate chops, kicks, cape twirls, head banging), but I saw several impressive cartwheels.

For Thanksgiving we had a "Turkey Hunt".... they shot paper turkeys with the Nerf guns.  I couldn't think of anything else (eat a lot?  watch a football game?), but the boys thought it was great. 

Naturally, Christmas meant it was time for Jack to open the gifts from his friends, but I also had a bunch of wrapped dollar store gifts so each of the boys go to unwrap one too.

Finally, we brought out the party hats, blowers, noisemakers, tinsel confetti, and (birthday) cake & ice cream to celebrate New Year's Eve.  (Jack could NOT decide on chocolate or vanilla cake/frosting, so I ended up making half-and-half.  It turned out pretty good.... all from scratch.) 

For "loot bags" I was really cheap and pulled out my stash of Godiva Chocolates gift bags (from the many times Jay has purchased them for me over the years) that I have been saving for some strange reason (now I know why) and it was perfect.  :)

Anyway, it was a really fun party and it was pretty easy.  Fortunately, the timing was great because my local Dollar Tree has stuff for Valentine's, St. Patrick's Day AND Easter right now.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JACK!  It's a big year for him... he gets to join Cub Scouts and will be baptized as a member of our church.  We are very proud of him.

February 14, 2012

I Love You Arizona!

Happy 100th Birthday Arizona!  I love you!

I always get misty-eyed when I think of my beloved home state.  How can I not when I watch this