December 16, 2008

"Kipper the Dog"

When Collin was a toddler, we discovered "Kipper the Dog." We all fell in love! I bought a bunch of video tapes, which have been well-used as each additional child fell in love with Kipper too. I frequently found myself sitting down to watch with them, because they are just so cute and sweet.

As we got ready for our garage sale last month, I pulled the old "Kipper the Dog" videos out of the back of the closet. My kids hadn't watched them for a couple of years (sadly, I don't have a toddler anymore), so I added them to the pile of stuff to sell.

When my kids (9, 7, and almost 5) discovered what was to be the fate of these tapes, they about cried, and begged me not to sell them. I actually felt relieved, for I hadn't wanted to sell them either; I discovered I had quite an attachment to them. The next thing I knew, my kids sat down and watched them all (each one is only about 30 minutes). I heard them in fits of giggles and just had to join them.

So, those old video tapes remain on the shelf with the DVD's. And I guess they always will.

Someday, maybe my grandchildren will fall in love with "Kipper the Dog" too.


  1. Kipper is a staple in my house, in fact me husband will crawl in the back seat with the kids to watch it in the car.
    fav, saying "Hello PIG" they say it all the time!

  2. In my constant attempt to find SOMETHING that my 4 yr old will watch, I have no yet tried Kipper. I'll have to try it.

  3. We have some old Sesame Street VHS tapes ("The Best of Bert and Ernie" is divine!) that I can't seem to discard. Ugh. I'm thrilled and disgusted by my sentimentality.

    Will we even have a VHS player in a few years. I hope so!

  4. We love Kipper too! I think it is so sweet y'all kept them!


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