December 18, 2008


Christian was in town for just about 24 hours to take care of some things. He looks good and seems to be in good spirits. He was especially happy to be without the back brace he has had to wear for the last four months!

Today I spent most of the day baking dinner rolls for my nephew's Eagle Scout project (providing Christmas dinner for 15 needy families.... and no, I wasn't the only one making rolls) and cinnamon rolls. My house smells so good! I really enjoy baking... wish I had more time to do it.

Tomorrow is the last day of school (1/2 day) before Christmas break. I'm looking forward to having some fun with my kids.


  1. I am so glad you got to spend some time with Christian~I am sure you have missed him! Love the new background for your blog. I bet your kitchen smelled wonderful!

  2. I knew I should have stopped by! There are few things as good as your rolls. They're heaven. It would probably be bad to say those were some lucky needy people. ;)Sorry. I said it anyways.

  3. My kids have school today but it's not like they're actually doing anything productive. Who could with kids so excited about Christmas? I'm so ready for school to be out for two weeks so we can have more time playing together.

  4. Hope you had a nice visit. Although it was short I am sure you treasured every minute spent with him. Will you see him over the holiday?
    YUMMY!!! hot rolls with butter sounds so good right now.
    We had a major snow storm here in MI. We got about an inch per hr starting at 4am and going through to about noon or 1pm. That was the breaking news all morning until they made the announcement that the president was helping out GM and Chrysler. Sure isn't good here. Maybe your prayers could help the Big 3. They need a Christmas miracle!! Glad my husband works for Ford...they seem to be a bit better off at this point. Sorry...didn't mean to go off on is all that consumes everyone here.
    Hope you have a wonderful weekend. heading to northern MI for 3 days of skiing. R&R sounds wonderful right now.
    Sending snowy thoughts from Michigan.
    p.s those grapefruit sure do look good. I must be hungry it all sounds good to me right now!

  5. It all sounds like a lot of work but a labor of love. I can read the smile. :)

    Hey! My good news this morning was that I won the third print and pin in the Nie Recovery auctions Reachel was hosting! Yea, me!


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