February 17, 2012

Student Council

Mary decided to run for student council (better known as STUCO at our school) this semester..... vice president.  She lost to a sixth grader but I'm so proud of her for working hard and being brave.  I'm sure she will try again next year.

For her speech she bravely SANG, unaccompanied, in front of the entire school... and it was amazing!  We wrote words to the song "When Will My Life Begin" from Tangled(See lyrics below.)  It turned out really cute.  People were very impressed.  She has a really lovely singing voice and did a fantastic job.

Though she didn't win she was selected as a student council representative for her classroom, so she still gets to be part of the action. 

Mary's Student Council Speech 
(sung to the tune of "When Will My Life Begin" from Tangled)

Seven a.m., the usual morning lineup:
Do my chores and pack my lunch for school
Practice the piano, eat breakfast, get my backpack
Grab my coat, head to flag ceremony, it's cool!

And then I do seat work
And math and science too
Diagram sentences, write spellings words, a few
I'll read my his'try book
And recite phonograms
And I get A's on report cards too

Then one day I decided to run for STUCO
I would really like to help our school
I will do my part to help us all grow.
I will lead, I will help, I will serve, I'll be cool!

So if you vote for me
Your choice will be the best
You won't regret it ever
Put me to the test
Because I'm Mary and I'm perfect for the job
The best vice president I will be

A perfect job, very,
For me cuz I'm Mary
Our school will be the best!

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