February 01, 2012

Jack's First Pinewood Derby

Jack got to participate in his first Pinewood Derby for Cub Scouts (even though he wasn't "official" yet because he hadn't quite turned 8 yet).  He and Jay spent many WEEKS working on it.... designing, sawing, glueing, chiseling, sanding, painting... and sanding and painting and sanding and painting.  Jay patiently taught Jack how to do each part of the process and then was really good about actually having Jack DO IT himself.

(wearing Collin's old uniform because we hadn't gotten him one yet)
 His car was just average in speed (he placed exactly in the middle of the pack), but it looked awesome!  (The photos don't do it justice.)  He won the award for best design.  He learned a lot and had a blast!  He focused on making it look cool this year, but he says next year he is going to focus on making it fast.  :)

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