December 16, 2013

More performances and other stuff

We finally got our tree and decorated for Christmas!

Thursday night was Mary's school dance concert and she did great. 

It was also Collin's Eagle Board of Review that night.  They really grilled him but he did great.  It's now official! 

His cousin, Tate, was having his Board of Review that night too.  

We took Collin to a late dinner at Texas Roadhouse (his choice) to celebrate.  Woo hoo!

Saturday was our ward party.  It is a tradition for the bishopric to perform something silly, so Jay put together a "human bagpipes" skit for them.  It was funny. 

Later that day we took the kids to see the next installment of "The Hobbit" movie trilogy, which was good.  I am the only one in our family who hasn't read the book.  Someone had trucked in some snow for kids to play in outside the theater so Jack enjoyed that for a few minutes.

Sunday was Mary's violin recital.  She played two songs and though she was super nervous she did great. 
In other news.... for some reason Jack was feeling left out as the only child in our family who didn't need glasses so he felt the need to get some just for show (with his own money).  He is a nut.

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