December 23, 2013

Almost there!

Tuesday night was Collin and Mary's school choir concert.  They both did great.  Mary had a solo as part of the song "Gesu Bambino."  She was awesome but I can't get the video to load. 

Friday night was the Thomas Family party (my mom's side of the family).  It was fun but there are getting to be too many people so you end up only talking to a few.  I'm thinking next year we need to do the socializing like speed dating so that everyone gets a chance to talk to everyone else.  I think it's worth trying.  :)

Now school is out and we scramble to get everything ready for Christmas! 

On Sunday I sang a solo in sacrament meeting as part of the Christmas program.  I sang the song "Weepin' Mary" which most people aren't familiar with.  It's an old traditional Christmas spiritual and it's lovely. 

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and we are hosting all of Jay's family for dinner and a program.  It should be fun but there is lots to do to get ready!  Whew!

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