February 15, 2007

Jack's "Super" Day

Jack turned 3 this week. We don't do parties at this age.... well, I shouldn't say that, because the kids consider what we did to be a full-fledged party; I blew up a few balloons, and the five of us had cake and ice cream after dinner, after which Jack opened a couple of small gifts.

Since Jack is really into superheroes, I made him a "Superman Cake." I'm no Martha Stewart, but I thought it looked pretty good. Jack thought it was wonderful, and that's what counts. He is thrilled to be able to say that he is "3" now, though he prefers to tell them he is "4." He thinks that is when he will have "arrived."

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  1. Anonymous1:27 AM

    A sharp-looking cake! Way to go, Alice! Carol F.


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