September 20, 2008

Friday's visit with Christian

When I arrived at the hospital yesterday, my mom was with Christian. He had been feeling lonely, but we fixed that. At one point there were 6 family members in the room at one time (which kind of goes against their 2-visitors-at-a-time rule, but no one said anything).

I had brought 2 CD's I made... both are all hymns, but one is instrumental and the other is choir. I left one in Christian's room and the other in Stephanie's. Christian was very appreciative.

While we talked, telling him about the "Hope Concert" again (because he didn't remember hearing about it the first time), the special fast and prayer, and other fundraisers and stuff going on, I did a little occupational therapy on him... moving and stretching his fingers... and I even clipped his finger nails (which were pretty dang long since they hadn't been cut for a month).

He hadn't eaten anything (lack of appetite, not to mention that hospital food is disgusting) so I went out to find the nearest Jamba Juice. I brought back a large "Orange Dream Machine" (per Christian's request) with a double dose of protein, which he needs lots of. He ate it all and felt much better.

Jay arrived and he and Christian talked lots about "work" kind of stuff, which was great to keep Christian's mind occupied. Good ol' Jay also made Christian laugh several times, which was great to see!!!!

Peter and Darin (my older brother and his wife) arrived with a piece of coconut cream pie, but Christian was too full of Jamba Juice to eat it. They were happy to enjoy it for him, but promised they would bring him some more another day. Peter said he would work on getting a webcam set up in Christian's room so he could talk with the kids, and he thought that would be good.

My dad and sister showed up just before they were getting ready to do a dressing change and we got kicked out. (But I turned on the CD before I left.) Christian was anxious to get his new back-brace so he could get out of bed and go see Stephanie.

All the while we talked, Christian was constantly expressing his gratitude for everyone, for the prayers and all the love... and he was so gracious about thanking every member of the hospital staff who came in. His voice is much stronger, and it is so nice to have him back!


  1. Anonymous1:42 PM

    Thank you for keeping us updated. Glad C got his Jamba juice! Im just curious, does he know about the other passenger on the plane yet? Does he grasp Stephanies injuries. Your posts have really given us something special to pray about. Always in our thoughts. Again, thank you for this wonderful blog with updates. We are all concerned. Love your way

  2. Oh, what a wonderful update!! I hope he can go see Stephanie soon. I'm sure it will help her get better. I bet the kids would love to see and talk to him as well. I bet they all miss each other so much. (I mean, Christian misses the kids and they miss him). We're still praying for continued healing for Christian, strength for the kids, healing miracles for Stephanie, and for all the families (both sides of the family) with extra blessings asked for the ones caring for the beautiful Nielson children.

  3. Alice,
    Your an Angel!! It has to be hard to keep us updated here,and run your busy family.Thank you again for taking the time we love you!!

    Prayer's and love to all,

  4. Does he know the extent of Stephanie's injuries? How is he handling this emotionally?

  5. That is such heartening news. It's great to hear that you 'have him back'. And it's fantastic to hear of his recovery. Thank you for posting and keeping all of us (ie those who have never met the family but feel as though we know them because of blogging!) informed.

    Love and wishes heading your way.

  6. Anonymous5:22 PM

    thanks! Please let us know what he thinks of Stephanies injuries and if comprehends it? praying hard.

  7. It was difficult for him to see Stephanie that first time this week... it took a bit of a toll on him emotionally, but he has been amazingly strong--buoyed up by angels, I would say. He does understand how serious it is, but is hopeful and handling it well, all things considered.

    He was told about Doug (the pilot who died) and naturally was very upset. He told me he hasn't quite processed that yet. It will take some time, but he knows what a great person Doug is, and how strong and amazing his (Doug's) family is.

    Thanks for all your concern and prayers!!!!

  8. Thank you for your beautiful updates. I have been reading Stephanie's blog for quite some time and, as I'm sure you hear from many others, feel so much concern for her and Christian. You are ALL included in my prayers.

    Here's to faith.

  9. Anonymous8:31 PM

    you are a great sister. wow. thanks for letting us know how everyones doing. you are in my prayers....ALL of you.

  10. Anonymous11:34 AM

    You and your family are such an example. Your updates give us specifics to pray about. Are you able to share if Stephanie's grafts are healing? Kim

  11. Thank you for the updates. I've been following cjane's blog, and came across a comment that gave your blog address, so here I am. I've been completely entralled with Stephanie & Christian, as have thousands of other people. They will continue to be in our prayers.

    Also, on a small world note, my husband is Hugh Chase, and he knows your dad. Hugh is a Phoenix Firefighter. And they know each other because Hugh's mom grew up with your dad. Hugh's mom is Pamela Young - maiden name is Ollerton. Anyway, small world!

  12. Anonymous3:43 PM

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with Christian and Stephanie, Alice. It helps to know what to pray for. Amye Godfrey

  13. Anonymous5:44 PM

    How wonderful--it sounds like he is really on the road to recovery! Thank you for such detailed updates--I continue to pray for your family!

  14. What a blessed day for your family. I continue to pray for your family, the Clarks, Christian, Stephanie, and their children.

    Hope he gets to see his bride again soon and what a wonderful thing if he will get to see the children.

  15. Alice thank you for sharing your family, and updates with all of us. We are praying every day for all of you.

  16. Please remember to be sensitive to the family. There are some intrusive and inappropriate questions here that are not at all in keeping with Alice's beautiful acts of love to Christian and Stephanie, nor are they in keeping with the tone of the whole internet community toward the Nielsons.

    Alice, may God bless and sustain you and your family.

  17. I am so happy to hear about the web cam, and the opportunity Christian will have to interact with his children. Thank you for posting the updates.

  18. I feel as if I am intruding as I read about the healing process you are all a part of but I wanted to make sure you were aware of the Nie project I am starting. We are making quilts for each of the children and possibly Christian and Stephanie. I am requesting that Nie's friends mail quilt blocks and the size and number of quilts will depend on the response. If anyone in your family would be interested in contributing you can read about the threads of love project at

    We appreciate you being willing to share your experience, so much good has come from this tragedy. Your love for one another and your faith is so inspiring! Thank you!


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