September 10, 2008

Elder Holland

This past Sunday, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland, who was the president of BYU while I was studying there, and is now an apostle, spoke at a fireside at BYU. Stephanie's family, who live in Provo, were able to attend, along with my sister and her husband who happened to be in town visiting. I wish I could have been there.

It was a beautiful talk. It was as if he was speaking directly to our family. In fact, he invited the Clarks and my sister and brother-in-law to meet with him afterward. They all said it was a very special experience.

You can watch the video of his talk here. (My sister and her husband appear briefly in the video.)

Elder Holland is much more impressive than Matt Lauer. Besides, he reminds me of my dad.


  1. That was a beautiful talk. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. I will hopefully get a chance to listen to that talk tomorrow when my extreme 3 yr old goes to school. Until then, I just had to say I think Elder Holland is definitely more impressive than Matt Lauer.


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