September 25, 2008

Pain is Relative

I went to the hospital yesterday and today. I came bearing gifts.... of food. (Hospital food is disgusting!) I brought Christian Jamba Juice and a peanut butter sandwich (with all-natural PB and fresh wholewheat bread I had made that morning), and he seemed to like that.

Today I brought him wholewheat pumpkin muffins I had made for breakfast. He gobbled them up, along with the other food I brought....peaches, string cheese, and hummus with crackers. It is so great to see him getting his appetite back.

He is getting stronger. Both days he walked from his room down the hall to Stephanie's room, using a walker. He goes into the OR tomorrow for a minor procedure, and will most likely be transferred to rehab on Monday.

Stephanie also goes to surgery tomorrow for grafting on her face. Please pray that those grafts will be successful!

P.S. I twisted my foot wrong as I stepped onto the curb at the hospital today. I thought it would go away when I walked it off. But it didn't. I limped around the hospital in pain all day.... I didn't want to complain... it seemed so petty in comparison. Finally, later this afternoon I was in so much pain that I asked Christian's physical therapist if he would look at it (actually, he's the OT so his focus is hands, but good enough!). It was pretty swollen by then. He said it is probably sprained and he wrapped it for me. I iced it and took Advil when I got home and I'm feeling much better tonight. I'm hoping it will be better in the morning.


  1. It is so good to hear that Christian is feeling better. It sounds like you are keeping his tummy happy!
    We are definitely keeping Christian, Stephanie, and family in our prayers and will continue to do so.
    I hope that you feel better too!

  2. anonymommy11:41 PM

    It is so wonderful that you are there to feed him things that he enjoys!

    I hope your foot heals quickly!

  3. Ouch! Sprains can be very, very painful! Feel better soon. (And remember to elevate the leg to help reduce swelling!)

    Kathi, a pediatric RN who also worked with burn victims.

    PS. Remember the option to suspend comments if you get overwhelmed.

  4. I am so glad he's doing better. From what I hear, he is a good motivator for Stephanie. I know her progress is slow but I pray that she will heal and be able to do the things for her family that she wants to do.

    You are a wonderful sister. Thank-you for sharing. I hope your ankle feels better soon. Sprains are SO PAINFUL!!

  5. Perhaps Christians daily visits to Stephanie will help her heal and recover more quickly.

    Thank you for caring for him with such great love. Many would love to help in a time of need and we know we cant. Thank you for refreshing our hearts....filling our wells.....and allowing us to walk along side with you.

  6. Good to hear Christian is on the mend. I am sure it is mostly due to the prayers and faith. However, you can never underestimate home made food from you! Everything you describe sounds yummy! You really should post that pumpkin muffin recipe!

    I hope your ankle feels better soon!

  7. Anonymous7:24 AM

    Wonderful news about Christian. I agree with the above, perhaps him being able to visit Stephanie will speed up her healing. You are one in a million sister! He must love your visits! Thanks for the updates, we are praying.

  8. I bet Christian is gaining in health so quickly because you are bringing him food! Hospitals definitely need to fix that. I hope your foot heals quickly. Sprains can be nasty! Thanks for all the updates!

  9. It is such wonderful news to hear that Christian has a good appetite and is almost ready for rehab. He will surely miss being able to go down the hall to encourage Stephanie, though.

    You are doing a fantastic job of being a supportive sister. Those homemade treats all sound so yummy! Don't forget to take care of yourself,too --ouchy sprain!

  10. Alice thank you for the update. Homemade whole wheat pumpkin muffins! I wish you were my sister.

  11. HI there...It is so nice to see you keeping us posted on Christian and Stephanie's conditions. I know Steph's surgery will be a success today. We have a very loving and caring God, and if he is going to lead us to it, he will lead us through it. That is what I live by. We are all praying for you all as well....S&C's all need lots of prayer too to stay strong for them as you have been, and for anything that steps in your ways also. Great muffins too- by the way....
    ps...I hope your foot feels better.

  12. I don't want to burden you with another comment. But, I just want to say THANK YOU for your wonderful updates. I live in Mesa, went to school with the Bagleys, and had the pleasure of meeting stephanie at old navy earlier this year. I knew of her blog (and introduced myself to her) but did not know how HUGE it really was. What an amazing family you all are. Your strength is inspiring!
    shanda (mclaws) nash

  13. Welcome Shanda, and thanks for commenting. Comments are not a burden... I love them!

    BTW, if you happen to be related to the amazing Steve Nash, than I'm truly jealous.... I ADORE him. :)


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