September 07, 2008

Beware of Telemarketers... or whatever

We had just walked in the house this afternoon after arriving home from church. I headed to the bedroom to change my clothes (so I could make rolls for Sunday dinner at my parents' house) when the phone rang. I looked at the caller-ID in the bedroom... it said, "NATIONAL BROADC" and a long-distance phone number. I immediately thought, "Stupid telemarketers" and let it ring.

Little did I know that in the kitchen, Jay saw it and thought, "Political pollster!" He answered it.

A minute later, Jay walked into the bedroom with the phone to his ear saying, "I think you should probably talk to my wife. Just a minute." I'm thinking, "Are you kidding? I don't want to talk to a stupid telemarketer or whatever!" I looked at him like he was crazy, but he held out the phone to me and whispered, "It's a producer from The Today Show."

I dropped the hand-mirror I was about to put away.... it shattered on the bathroom floor.


I'm still unclear how they tracked me down (I guess these guys have lots of connections and huge databases of info, but still). My parents' phone is unlisted, and my number is listed... and under my name (not Jay's), so I suppose it wasn't too hard.

Bottom line: someone scouting stories for the show came across this New York Times article about Christian and Stephanie, and they want to do a segment this week. Naturally, I was caught off guard. I listened to her go on, and then asked her to give me her contact information, told her my family was getting together for dinner this evening, and that we would discuss it and someone would get back to her.

Well, I guess my parents (and Stephanie's parents) are going to be on the Today Show sometime this week. My parents had a small taste of this from a local TV news station (see video here). I promise you they are not thrilled about being on national television (Steph's parents are both in politics, so being in the limelight is old hat for them), but the story has spread like wildfire, and because of the NY Times article it's already national news, and they figure it's good publicity for strong families, and maybe even for the church.

I think poor Jay was disappointed that he didn't get to participate in a political poll.


  1. Wow! I was very impressed with NY Times article. it was well done.

    Any chance you got to see the CES fireside tonight with Elder Holland? I thought of all of you. It takes some time to come on line but watch for it. It's a must read. Especially right now.

    Still praying.

  2. What a neat article. And so funny about Jay and the poll. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  3. WOW! Make sure you let us know WHEN it will be on! This update needs to be on Cjane's blog too...because I know EVERYONE will want to watch it when it airs. I think the church will shine in this story, thanks to the wonderful families(you) of Christian & Stephanie!

  4. How exciting! I am so confident that as S and C deal with the trials of their new reality, the fact that they and their families have been able to share the Gospel through all of this will be a huge source of strength and encouragement to them. I will be watching!

  5. make sure and let us know when.

  6. I told Matt several times after the accident that it was national news worthy. I thought the NY Times article was very well written, and am looking forward to NBC's version. I get chills thinking about the testimonies that will be strengthened because of this.


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