September 08, 2008

Tune in Tomorrow

Here is the scoop:

The Today Show interview will be tomorrow, Tuesday, September 9th. It will be live on the east coast at 7:00 a.m. (4:00 a.m. here in AZ... good thing my parents are early-risers), but it will be broadcast at 7:00 local time (where ever you are) so tune in.

UPDATE: Looks like my parents wiggled their way out of this one, and now just the Clarks (Stephanie's family) are going to do it. :)


  1. I'm so pleased this is getting nationwide coverage. I hope it brings in additional support in prayers and funds. Such a worthwhile cause.

  2. This will be so great, but I'm bummed about your parents backing out. I love listening to them talk.

  3. It was a nice interview. I also saw Courtney on KSL last night. We keep praying for this little Nielson family.


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