September 21, 2008

On a lighter note....

On Friday, Collin gave his speech for Student Council elections. He did very well, though he forgot to bring his prop with him (giant plastic ears... he was supposed to put them on toward the end... watch the video and maybe you will get it... it has to do with being a good listener) so he had to drop one of the jokes and adapt on the fly, which he did well. I think he did a great job!

He didn't win the election, but it was a great experience for him, and we are proud of him for doing his best and being a good sport.


  1. Great speech, Collin! I would've voted for him!

  2. Anonymous1:12 PM

    I am glad he did it comfortably, i think having our kid's practice during primary giving their talks help when it comes to public speech. Thanks for sharing this, I am sorry he didn't vote!

  3. He did such a great job! Wow! That is tough for kids to do and I think he did outstanding. He didn't even seem nervous. I definitely would have voted for him! He's funny!

  4. I totally would have voted for him. He did such a great job! I'm going to show this to my 9 yr old son, Nathan, when he gets home. Nathan is a sweet, loving boy but his life is ruled by Anxiety and ADHD. He tries his best every day and last year he was elected as his class representative for the Student Council. That was at his old school. This school doesn't have class reps apparently.


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