September 13, 2008

Afternoon Downtown

Yesterday Jay and I met at the hospital again. Once again, we did not get to see Stephanie... they had just started a procedure on her that was expected to take 3 hours.

Christian was looking pretty good. They had started weaning him off the sedation medications, moving toward extubating him in the next few days. He was still pretty sedated though. We told him about the concert, and I sang about 10 hymns to him... until my voice was too tired. The nurse said his skin grafts look really good.

After our visit, we went to lunch downtown, and then walked over to "Jay's Hotel" (otherwise known as "Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel"). We had a private tour of the nearly completed hotel that opens in just a few weeks. It is beautiful, and it was so fun to see the finished product of something that Jay put so much time and effort into. The reception area outside the junior ballroom
Outside the grand ballroom
The spa pool
A cool chandelier representing rain
The restaurant bar
A standard room

We did get a tour of the governor's suite, but didn't get a photo, and I'm afraid we probably won't ever stay in it. It was still kind of "under construction" because they were making some changes to the decor. It was very impressive though.

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  1. So cool! I love the glass art hanging from the ceiling. Jay told me you got to pick the name. Lucky.;)


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