September 11, 2008

Hospital, Hope, and Thunderstorms

I visited the hospital yesterday. Jay met me there. We didn't get to see Stephanie because she had just gone into surgery. I took that as a good sign.... that she was stable enough for surgery. Christian had surgery the day before, so he was pretty "out-of-it" with medication. Though he opened his eyes and few times and seemed to be paying attention while we told him about Elder Holland's talk, and he even nodded a couple of times. I didn't sing to him this time because my voice is still croaky.

We visited again today. He was completely sedated this time; they don't want him agitated and moving around like he has been doing. But we still talked to him. Stephanie's brother and his wife were with her; they just arrived yesterday with their 2-week-old baby! I'm glad they could come.

Please pray specifically that Christian's skin grafts will heal successfully, and that Stephanie's health will increase so that her skin grafts will also be successful.

Last night was the big "Hope Concert." The place was packed; it was so wonderful to see all the support from so many people. The performers were great, and there were lots of nice items donated for the silent auction. During the show we got hit with a monsoon storm. I thought that was appropriate since Stephanie loves those storms.

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  1. Alice, it was so good to see you at the concert and to give you a hug. The music and the feeling there were wonderful. During the slideshow of Christian and Stephanie, one of the songs was something about a "Rainy Day" (oh, yeah, very appropriate about the monsoons!). Do you know what the name of it is and the artist? I am trying to find it on iTunes. Thanks.


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