September 04, 2008

It Begins

Long before he met me, Jay walked into a pawn shop one day out of boredom and noticed a half-size cello. He had become fascinated with the instrument recently, and since he was young and single, gainfully employed, and the cello could be had for very little, he bought it.

When we began dating seriously, I was surprised to learn that he owned a cello.... but didn't know how to play it and had never had a lesson in his life. He said he would like to learn someday. Well, I don't think that someday will ever come, but now that Collin is old enough (and reading music well, thanks to piano lessons) we can finally put it to use.

Collin had his first cello lesson yesterday, from Jeremy, a high school senior who lives down the street and plays in the school orchestra. He has a really fun personality, and Collin is having a blast already. I think Jeremy will be a good teacher (and the price is right... and he comes to our house!). So, we will see if Collin decides to stick with it.


  1. Go Collin! We want to hear a tune when we come at Thanksgiving Time!

  2. Wow! I'm impressed on multiple levels. First that Jay bought a cello when he didn't even play, and two that Collin is taking on such a great instrument. Way to go!

  3. We all thought Jay was just trying to impress the girls when he bought it. ;) Just kidding Jay. I've always loved his choice of music and other interests. Right on Collin!


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