September 09, 2008

Another video

Watch the 12 News video here.

Isn't my mom cute?


  1. She is darling. All of you Nielsons are.

  2. Alice,
    Your mom is beautiful and amazing and so are you and your sister's!!


  3. Shelly and I were just talking about your mom today and how classy, yet hip and sassy she is. What a great family you have!

  4. Your mom is great Alice. You Neilsons are all amazing woman. Still in our prayers.

  5. Your Mom is cute! :) I have a friend who is in her ward and told me how she was so blessed by your Mom's testimony on Sunday. You all must be wonderful people. Maybe someday I'll meet you. I live in Orem so I dragged my extreme (OH boy is he ever extreme!) 3 yr old to the park with me for the Provo balloon launch. I didn't know anyone there but I talked to Stephanie's aunt (her Mother's sister) for a bit. I wish I could do more but we are certainly praying for you all.


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