September 16, 2008

White Teeth and Jamba Juice

Mom and I went the hospital again last night. (My dad is out of town and she didn't want to go by herself... and shouldn't at night because the hospital is not in a great part of town.) She wanted to go back because Christian was so loopy during the afternoon, and he was expected to be more lucid that night. He was, though he can still only just whisper.

I was quite pleased that we were allowed to give him small sips of water via a swap/sponge. You could just see the relief on his face! I told him his teeth were looking exceptionally white. He said, "Well, yeah, I haven't eaten anything for several weeks." I had to laugh. I know he is anxious to eat. He told my mom that the first thing he wanted to eat was "Mixed-berry Jamba Juice with extra protein." The doctors thought that was funny, and agreed that was probably a good place for him to start.... when the time comes.

Christian asked me to sing again. I asked if he had any requests, and he said, "Just hymns. I only want hymns." I sang for a while again, and had a request from one of the nurses, "My Redeemer Lives." I'm not sure exactly which song she was thinking of, but I sang, "I Know That My Redeemer Lives."

After we said goodnight to Christian, we visited Stephanie again and I sang some more. I hope she knew we were there and could feel our love. We love her very much! She is in surgery right now getting her cultured skin. Please keep those prayers coming!


  1. Alice, I just have to tell you how overwhelmingly grateful I am for your posts. Your insight and detail are fullfilling and help me process a little more how Christian and Stephanie are doing. I love that you sing to them, and that you are present for them...and for us (bloggers). I am emotional today reading of them. Perhaps it's because Stephanie is particularly close in my thoughts and even more frequent in my prayers, as I am aware of her big day medically. And perhaps it's hearing of Christian's progress which makes me want to celebrate with all of my being.
    Their story is alive in me, and I am still praying on their behalf. Thank you for your sweet, personal updates.

  2. Alice,
    I couldn't of said it better than what she said in the post of above.

    Thank you again for helping us understand and process how Christian and Stephanie are doing. I only wish we could hear you sing.
    Prayers are still coming your way.


  3. Alice,
    I'm so glad to hear your perspective as well. I also ditto the first comment. I have had a prayer in my heart all day.
    You may have already covered this but I have wondered how alert Christian is and if he knows about Stephanie. It makes me wonder just knowing how close they are to each other and their love story being such a big part of the blog-love for them.
    Much love from Utah!

  4. Anonymous4:38 PM

    I was so happy to find your blog--thank you for updating!

  5. Alice, the world is really too small, and I was SO hoping that "Mr. Neilsen" was no relation of yours! You see, I found cjane on a friend's blog, and she doesn't know her or Stephanie, but did a post on how drawn in she is by both of their blogs and how she finds herself praying for Christian and Stephanie w/o ever having met of course I was intrigued and clicked on the links and here I am...praying for Christian and Stephanie w/o ever having met them. EXCEPT, the whole "Neilsen-from-Mesa" was such a coincidence that I had to ask if he had sisters named Alice and Charity, and someone just annonomously posted to my blog saying, "Yes, same family" and gave me your blog address.

    So, long story short, here I am. I cannot believe the trials your family has faced since I knew you and Charity at BYU. Please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. I really mean that!!! I am so happy that Christian has been able to talk to you guys a little bit. When I thought about you visiting him (before I read your blog), I thought "I hope she's singing to him." So, it brought a big smile to my face to
    know that yes, indeedy, you are serenading him.

    I will keep checking in on you all. Hugs and Prayers, Kristin (Jacobsen) Robison

  6. We've been fasting all day. It is so good to get your updates. They are always so uplifting. You are an amazing sister. Keep singing those hymns. They are VERY peaceful and I think "I Know that my Redeemer Lives" was the perfect song.

  7. Anonymous6:22 PM

    I recently stumbled upon a news story about your brother Christian and his wife, Stephanie. I've found myself drawn into your beautiful family through these blogs, which lay your lives out for the world to see and invite all of us, flung to every corner of the globe, to join in the laughter and the wonderful love. Please know that I am praying for your family and will continue to carry all of you in my heart. Keep us posted (no pun intended!)...

  8. If I could have fasted, I would have. I will keep praying. I think of you all whenever I sing hymns.

  9. Lynn A.9:03 PM

    I know from experience that Alice's voice can heal the heart, soothe the soul, and I wouldn't be one bit surprised if it could cause skin to grow. In the words of Ursula the Sea Witch. . ."Keeeeeeep Singing!!


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