April 23, 2007

I'm an idiot....

WARNING: Never use scissors for any purpose other than originally intended.

I'm ashamed to say I learned this lesson the hard way. On Thursday evening I was preparing dinner. Jay had just arrived home, but took an important call from work on his cell phone, and went to the bedroom for some privacy. I reached for the olive oil and realized the bottle was empty. I went to the pantry to retrieve a new bottle, and tried to open it. It was one of those lids with a twist off seal ring that snaps the first time you open it. Well, this particular seal was just spinning, and I couldn't get the lid off. I knew Jay (the ultimate fix-it-guy) would come up with a (safe) solution, but I didn't want to interrupt him. So, I foolishly took the task upon myself. I noticed a tiny gap in the perforated seal, and figured I could wedge a scissor tip in there and pry it off. I've done this kind of thing a hundred times, with success, so I guess I was due for a failure. I will spare you the gory details. (There was a bit of blood.) I will just say that I ended up at the local urgent care facility, and came home with stitches in my very sore hand, and an extremely stiff shoulder from a wicked tetanus shot.

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  1. thats it, you can never babysit my kids again.


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