April 15, 2008


Jack and I visited a local dairy farm for a tour with some of his friends from preschool (and their moms). We had a great time. Jack particularly enjoyed petting this rabbit..... .... but he was very reluctant to pet the chickens... though he finally got brave and touched one. (The other kids were carrying them around!)
He petted the horse with no problem, but he was terrified of the goats.... especially feeding them out of his hand. (Didn't get a photo because I had to hold onto Jack with both hands in order to get him to do it.)

After a hayride tour of the farm....
... we had a refreshing drink of milk. Of the 12 flavors offered, Jack chose Banana, and I chose Peach. Both were delicious. I was proud of Jack for choosing something different when all the other kids were choosing chocolate. Now, I love chocolate, but why choose something that "normal" when you are offered 12 different flavors!??!Jack also got to see a Turkey lay an egg , and he learned all about milk cows. He really liked the "hay maze."


  1. Mmmmm . . . peach milk. Did they have rambutan milk or payaya milk?

  2. Such a cute blog and I love the pictures!!!


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