July 31, 2012

July in Review

July was busy and zoomed by!  

We spent the first week at the cabin with cousins.  Unfortunately, Jay couldn't go with us this time... too busy at work.  :(
We took a fun hike along the rim road.

I don't have any photos of our fun time in St. John's celebrating the 4th, but it was great, as usual.  I was too busy visiting and enjoying myself to take photos!  (I'm so bad about remembering!)

Then Collin had surgery!  (Read about that HERE.)

Then I took Jack's Cub Scout den on a field trip to Peter Piper Pizza.  They got to have a tour of the kitchen and learn all about what goes on there, then make (and eat!) their own personal pizza.  And of course, they got play some games too.  They had a blast!

Jay and I went to San Diego for a weekend to attend Jay's brother's wedding.  
It was beautiful and we are very happy for them!

We stayed in San Diego with my awesome sister (thanks Liz!) and enjoyed mugging on her sweet baby Fritz.
Jay and I had a little spare time and enjoyed exploring La Jolla and Coronado Island.  I loved this sand castle on the beach!

Then I took Mary and her 2 best friends to a local resort to celebrate her birthday.

 They all brought their American Girl dolls....
 .... and enjoyed putting together a set of Harry Potter Legos, and a scavenger hunt/pin collecting game put on by the resort!  Awesome, and free!
 They were quite the divas....
 ... enjoyed the pool, water slide, and lazy river....
 ... and the amazing bagpiper who plays every evening as a tradition going back many years.
 It was a very fun little trip, and a great way to celebrate Mary's 11th birthday!  I LOVE these girls, and I'm so glad Mary has such great friends! 
 On her actual birthday we took her to the local "free birthday meal" restaurants.
Liberty Market's amazing burger!
 I'm glad  Mary still loves getting new clothes for her American Girl dolls.

"Ding Dong Cake" is the best!
 And she is still very obsessed with all things "Harry Potter." 

Grandmary's famous candy bar poster birthday tradition!  Love it!

Mary, Jack and I took guitar lessons this summer.  We learned a lot and it was very fun!  I found it much harder than I expected, but I really enjoyed it.  Now I really appreciate how good Jay is!

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