May 28, 2012

Anniversary Trip

We celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary in Nauvoo, Illinois, where I served as a missionary 18 years ago.  It was so fun to return and relive my memories.... though a LOT has changed.  Jay thought it was pretty funny that I was so frequently in tears..... I got choked up just about everywhere we went because I was constantly flooded with emotions.  Nauvoo is an amazing place!

The weather was absolutely perfect (sunny, breezy, and 75 degrees) and we beat the summer crowds by about a week, so it was nice and quiet and romantic.  Thank you for a lovely trip Jay!  And thank you for a wonderful 15 years of marriage; here's to the next 15!  I'm one lucky girl.

It was especially fun to visit the places where I gave tours; Heber C. Kimball Home, Lucy Mack Smith Home, and Sarah Granger Kimball Home.

Heber C. Kimball Home
Lucy Mack Smith Home

Sarah Granger Kimball Home

And also the place I called "home" while I lived in Nauvoo.  I really wish I could have gone inside, but it was vacant at the time.  What a shame.
Yearsley Home
The temple was amazing.  We spent half a day doing temple work for family names we had brought from home, which wonderful.  The temple is particularly beautiful at night.

I haven't figured out how to take decent "night" photos with my iPhone, but check out the shooting star I caught in this one!

Jay making rope the pioneer way

Jay and a replica covered wagon
We also drove to Quincy so Jay could check out the location of the Lincoln-Douglas debate.  He is a big fan of our 16th president.  
Jay at the Lincoln-Douglas debate memorial in Quincy, IL

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  1. I love Nauvoo! We lived "nearby" for a few years as newlyweds during which time I did much family history. Three of the homes still standing were from my ancestors, the HCK home being one of them. Congratulations on 15 years!


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