May 09, 2012

Pillow Happy

I made new pillow covers and they make me happy!  I do this a couple of times a year with cheapo fabric from the dollar tables at Wal-Mart or leftovers, and it's so easy; I don't even do zippers anymore... just make an over-lapping opening in the back and it only take about 10 minutes per pillow.  Yay!

Now I just need to wash my sofa slipcover... ugh.  White slip-covered furniture is the way to go.... just toss the covers in the washing machine, and swap pillows for a quick change/face lift.  Bleach is my friend.  :)

I also made a pair of these for my chairs....

And this one for my bed.
 Yes, I'm happy.


  1. sheree7:52 AM

    Love, love, love them all! You didn't actually make all the swirly stuff on the lavender pillow did you? Those pillows even make ME happy. :)


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