May 31, 2012

May in Review

 Our biggest excitement in May was our 15th anniversary trip to Nauvoo, which I already posted about.   But it was also Collin's 13th Birthday. 
My kids all ask for chocolate cake on their birthday.  I trained them well.

We took to him to all the "free birthday meals" around town.  Perfect for a teenage boy who is always hungry!
Waffles and ribs for breakfast?

My mom's tradition is to make "candy bar posters" for all the grand children on their birthday.  She's very clever, and the kids love it!

Mary did her "5th grade state report" on Florida.  She made this diarama to use in her presentation.... Disney World, of course.  It turned out cute. 

 The kids are glad to be out of school and excited for a busy summer!

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