March 21, 2012

Mary Gets Published

Mary loves reading The Friend magazine.  She typically reads it cover-to-cover on the day it arrives in the mail.  She has always especially liked the little stories sent in by kids and always wished she could "be in print."

More than two years ago, when she was 8, Mary had an experience that she wanted to write about and send to The Friend, so I helped her and we sent it in.  For months afterward she searched the magazine eagerly, hoping to find her little story and photo.  I assured her that IF it was ever actually published it would take a long time because they plan their layouts months and months in advance.

She eventually gave up hope and forgot about it.  Well, yesterday the April 2012 addition of The Friend arrived in the mail.  I heard Mary and Jack arguing over who would get to read it first.  Fortunately, Mary won.  You can imagine her surprise and delight when she turned to page 19 and saw her photo (now outdated) and story printed at the bottom!  She could not be more pleased.  It made her day.... probably her whole year.  Don't be surprised if the next time you talk to Mary she tells you all about it.

See the story HERE

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  1. Sheree7:30 AM

    Mary, this is so exciting! Congratulations! You are such a sweet young lady and I appreciate your example. Also, I love that photo of you. :)


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