March 29, 2012

Random Questions I've Been Asking Myself Today

- Why does the bird outside my window chirp (more like squeak) all day long, non-stop, at the same pitch and pace, with no variation whatsoever, in a super-annoying, boring, monotonous way?

-  Why do weird scientific experiments or anomalies change "good guys" into villains (e.g. Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin) even though one turned Peter Parker into a noble super hero? 

-  Why do men tend to leave cupboard doors/drawers open?

-  Why do characters in scary movies enter darkened rooms without turning on the lights?

-  Why do movie villains always admit their evil plans and explain their motivations to the hero when he is captured?

-  Why do people post stupid things on Facebook, like what they are eating/going to eat later/cooking, or that they are tired/going to bed, etc.?

- Why do people I hardly know request to be my friend on Facebook?

- Why was the movie Footloose remade?

- How is an e-book better than a "real" book that doesn't require batteries or charging, can be easily bookmarked/set down/picked up again, can be easily lent to a friend, never loses power or crashes, lasts hundreds of years, is very durable, and doesn't require an expensive device in order to be read?

- Do any of these questions have answers?

Oh, and...

- Is this post really obnoxious?

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