March 11, 2012

Valentine's Day

I sort of hate Valentine's Day because it's a forced expression of "love" that ends up being meaningless because it's not spontaneous.  (I'll spare you my usual rant on the subject.)  I usually tell Jay not to buy me flowers or chocolates, but he does anyway (no chocolates this year because he knows I would have killed him since I've been really faithful to my plan and I've lost 24 pounds and 9 inches in the last 9 weeks)

Going to a restaurant on Valentine's Day is usually out of the question because you have to make an advance reservation even at places you could normally walk right in to and get a table within a few minutes.  So, I made a special dinner for my family on Valentine's Day; steak, Jay's favorite, and my kids go nuts for it. 

I also used my wedding china and crystal, which I love, love, love!  My kids were kind of shocked because this is the first time that I have deemed everyone old enough to be careful and not break anything. :)  It was really fun.  I forgot to take photos of the food, but it was very tasty and looked lovely too, if I may say so myself.

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