March 30, 2012

More Questions that puzzle me

- Why won't Keebler make graham crackers without using corn syrup and cottonseed oil?

- Why do people who should NOT be wearing skinny jeans wear skinny jeans? 

- Do people think skinny jeans are flattering?

- Why do people drive 5 miles under the speed limit when the roads are clear?

- Why when I leave 5 minutes early to take/pick up my kids from school does the drive take half the time?

- Why are the traffic lights in my town not synchronized correctly, like they are in the city just adjacent to us, but instead timed so that I will hit every red light, no matter what speed I'm driving?

- Why do some guys wear knit caps in the desert heat of Arizona?

- Why do some people wear those disturbing ear guages?

- Do people think ear guages are attractive?

- Does anyone else wonder these same things?


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