January 28, 2007

What's in Your Will?

I get asked to sing on a regular basis. I'm not talking about the bedtime requests from my children, which are nightly. I refer to performances at church events (Sacrament meetings, Relief Society, Stake meetings, Christmas parties, etc.), weddings (usually receptions or dinners, but a few ceremonies... weird), and, of course, funerals. I frequently receive compliments afterward, which I have learned to accept graciously with a smile and a simple, "Thank you," or "I'm glad you enjoyed it."

But there is one compliment that I get way too often which still throws me off balance.... "You have such a lovely voice. I want you to sing at my funeral!" Whaaaat? I seriously get this all the time! (Oddly enough, all these requests come from healthy and relatively young people.) And I'm never sure how to response. Am I supposed to say, "I'd love to," or "I look forward to it"? I guess they enjoy my singing so much that the only time they would think to invite me to sing is when they are gone? What kind of person is planning the music for their own funeral service? So far, none of these requests have been fulfilled. I don't think any of them have bothered to put this request in their Last Will and Testament.

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