February 16, 2008

Jack's Birthday

Jack turned 4 years old on Wednesday. Today we had a little party for him with his friends; a STAR WARS party. It turned out to be a lot of fun.

Here is the birthday cake I made. What a lot of work! I'm embarrassed to even post this picture because Melissa's cake are so gorgeous. I know it's not very professional (what do you expect from someone who uses a zip-loc bag-with-a-hole-snipped-in-the-corner in place of a pastry bag with a decorating tip?), but the kids thought it was cool, and that's what counts. [A toothpick, a glass of warm water, and a butter knife come in handy.] In case you don't have any sons under the age of 40, or aren't married to a man of that age, or if you have been living under a rock for the last 30 years and therefore are unfamiliar with "Star Wars," this cake represents the helmet of Jango Fett (or Bobba Fett, since it's impossible to get colors just right when you are dealing with frosting!), who is the coolest villain ever.... next to Darth Vader, of course. And if you are unfamiliar with Darth Vader.... well, then I just feel sorry for you.

The kids were invited (I love Evite!) to "Jedi Training," where they each received an official Padawan tunic and a training light saber. They enjoyed the light saber training, and other jedi training exercises.

And to complete their training, they had to face Darth Vader-the-Pinata (darn, I didn't get a photo of it). After eating cake and ice cream... and opening presents, they had to face..... the REAL Darth Vader. Some of the kids really freaked out at first...

....but Jay... I mean, Darth Vader, really charmed them until they were all under his spell.

After Darth Vader dueled with a few of the new Jedi Knights........ they all enjoyed a game of "Darth Vader Says."

And, of course, the big guy posed for photos.


  1. NICE CAKE - ALL my boys (all 4) knew that was Jango Fett's helmet... I had NO CLUE what it was though... you are great! Very cool party and all my boys want to come to the next episode when Darth Vader returns!

  2. Glenn LOVED the cake too - he knew exactly what it was. As for me, I still have no clue! :) I need to watch the movies again I guess.

  3. Are you kidding me? That cake is awesome! I have never made anything like that! Super cool! What a fun party. I love the darth costume.

  4. Very cute party, and a great cake!!

  5. i love when you whispered

    'he's not real' to hunter...
    sooo classic


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