May 29, 2008

The Wholesome "Bean"

Jay and I have a few TV shows that we enjoy watching together, but our children are not allowed to watch TV, period, which they don't, unless it's at a friend's house. (We don't have cable TV.) However, they are allowed to watch G-rated children's movies, of which we own plenty.... probably too many.

(Note: I despise PG-rated kids' movies. I would rather have my children see a PG movie that isn't for little kids, like "Star Wars" or "Raiders of the Lost Ark" than the ones made for kids, which always seem to contain an excessive amount of toilet humor, rude behavior, and back-talking children. ARGHHH!)

With the exception of the Pixar movies, which are great, there aren't really any that Jay and I would want to sit down and watch with the kids. But we have recently discovered that our children love to watch something that Jay and I enjoy just as much.

Mr. Bean.

If you haven't been introduced the joys of "Mr. Bean," then go to youtube and watch any (or all) of the clips of Mr. Bean episodes. You can't help laughing. And your kids will too. You gotta love anything that's funny and clean and that the whole family can watch together.
We purchased this DVD set, "The Whole Bean." We also enjoyed "Mr. Bean's Holiday" which I will probably purchase in the near future (only buy books and DVD's from way cheaper!). By the way, don't bother with the "Mr. Bean Animated Series." It's just not that funny. You have to see Rowan Atkinson doing his stuff.


  1. Thanks for the tip - we're always looking for stuff to watch with the boys and Emma.

  2. Oh thanks for the tip. I am going to check it out. My kids have fallen in love with Tom and Jerry. We also purchased some Bugs Bunny DVD's. They just don't make them like they used to.

  3. I LOVE Mr. Bean sooooooooo much. Josh introduced us to Mr. Bean in the basement of his parent's house when he and Heidi were dating. I remember sitting on their big, overstuffed couch and laughing until I was crying not only because the video was so funny but because Josh's impression of Rowan Atkinson was uncanny. His bug-eyed "Hello" gets me every time.

    And Mr. Bean's Holiday was great. I even cried a little (but I usually get a bit emotional every time I watch Mr. Bean).

  4. We love Mr. Bean! What a great family movie.

    I am totally amazed at the no TV policy. It's great! I wish we had something similar, but unfortunately I don't have the courage to implement it. We don't have cable TV either so that is a plus. How long have you had this policy? Did you start when they were young? Are they allowed to watch movies whenever they want, or only at certain times? How did you start this rule? I'm totally interested.


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