April 22, 2009

Playing "Catch Up" Again

Surely you aren't surprised.

Here is Jack on little league opening day. This is his first year playing T-ball and he really enjoys it. His buddy Bryce is on his team.

Collin won the Pinewood Derby! He worked really hard on his car... under Jay's direction. I thought it was cute that he publicly thanked his Grandpa and "my Grandpa's neighbor, Art" who let them use some of his tools. :) He was a very gracious and humble winner, and went out of his way to cheer on the other boys.

Last weekend (Easter weekend) we had a family reunion on Saturday, and dinner at my parents on Sunday. (No photos... oops.)

This weekend Christian and the kids were here for a visit. Mary and Jack were so excited to play with their cousins. On Saturday there was a benefit concert... it was very well attended (every seat was filled as far as I could tell) and very professional. Thanks to all the wonderful generous people who organized it, performed, and bought tickets!

Our school had a "Family Fun Night" last week where we were entertained by the amazing Craig Davis. So much fun! I have seen him perform 6 times now, and I enjoy it every time as much as the first time.

Did I tell you that for Jay's birthday I bought us tickets to see Brian Regan in Phoenix next month? I'm so excited! He is clean and hilarious! (watch him here) OK, yes, that's the kind of gift that's for ME too. But I can't send Jay to a comedy show by himself! :)

My book club read "The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society" this month. Great book. We met last night, and one of the ladies brought her father, who grew up on Guernsey Island in the 1930's. He told about his experiences being sent off to northern England as a 13 year old just before the Germans arrived (leaving behind his parents and two younger siblings, who were later sent to an interment camp in Germany), then joining the Royal Air Force at 17. Amazing story.

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  1. My book club read that book a few months ago and we talked a lot about the kids who were sent away. How cool to have one of those "kids" there! I thought it was a great book too.


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