July 14, 2009

Lazy Summer Days

My sister is here visiting from Georgia with her four children (her husband is in Iraq for a 6 month deployment). My kids have been having a great time playing with their cousins who are all the same ages and genders. (Jack and Sam playing Legos)We have been enjoying the most delicious tomatoes from our garden. We gobble up the tiny cherry tomatoes.... they are like candy!
Jack enjoys helping pick them. With the plum tomatoes I made some fabulous bruschetta. For a great alternative to chips and salsa, combine chopped tomatoes with olive oil, lots of fresh garlic, fresh basil, and kosher salt, and scoop it up with pita chips or toasted french bread slices. Yum! My kids were cautious at first because it was new to them, but when they finally tried it they loved it and gobbled it up.

One more photo..... one of those silly things the kids end up doing on a hot, boring summer day.

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  1. ok, the chin face freaks me out just a little. xox


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